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What Are Digital Creatives?

What are digital creatives? These are the generation of computer literate people who have grown up using a personal computer, either online or, for that matter, with their parents. They are well aware of the term “digital” and what it signifies, but some do not understand the difference when it comes to being creative. 

This article seeks to explain what digital creatives are and why they are distinct from other types of artists.

Three factors can define creativity, and among these are perception, innovation, and application. 

Perception is what one sees, hears, feels, or even touches the digital creatives with their digital camera. 

Innovation is the idea, concept, or implementation of digital creativity

And lastly, the application is the use of digital media to either produce or support the other two.

Digital creatives differ from other artists in many ways. 

While many may think that these young people, just starting in school, are merely downloading concepts and codes into their computers or playing with them to build up some electronic portfolio, such thinking is not the case. 

These individuals are taking the time to figure out how to use the digital cameras they already have at home. 

Then, they apply those concepts and ideas to their work. 

Many digital artists will tell you that the way that they see things may be completely different than others around them.

So, what are digital creatives? There are several different sub-genres of digital artists. 

One such sub-genre is the graphic designer, who is a technician in the field of computer graphics. 

Another sub-genre of digital creative is the web designer, a technician involved in creating the designs for the web pages that the public will see.

The final sub-genre, which is the most popular, is the photographic designer responsible for the conceptualization of the photography that is being made. 

While the web designer and the graphic designer are responsible for putting thoughts into a website or for coming up with the graphics of a brochure, the photographic designer is responsible for actually getting their hands on the equipment, the lighting, and the film used in the making of the photographs that are being produced. 

This final sub-genre of digital artists falls under the category of the writer. People who fall under this last sub-genre are the ones who are responsible for the content that is featured in a magazine or books being written about photography.

With all of these sub-genres within digital photographers, it is easy to see why the question, “What are digital creatives?” can only be partially answered. 

This is because these professionals are not necessarily only one thing. 

Digital photographers are as diverse as people who create paintings or music. 

The creative process itself is vague enough to allow for any number of creative geniuses to come up with an idea.

However, the fact remains that many digital photographers fall under one specific group, the digital artist. 

There are a few reasons for this. The first is that a person who creates a digital photograph does not have to understand how photography works. 

A digital photographer has to have a camera, some film, and a desire to take pictures. 

Once they have those three things, then the rest of the process can begin.

The second reason that digital artists exist is that not all digital photographers are highly educated when it comes to the history of photography. 

Some may have some knowledge of computers, but not so much that they can create a print. 

But there are still others, such as online photo galleries, who would love to know about old-school techniques, like using film for black and white. 

Today’s digital cameras do not provide the opportunity for mastering those techniques. 

If that is the case for you, then learning digital creatives may be your best bet for furthering your career.

What Are Digital Creatives?

What Are Digital Creatives?

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