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How You Get Paid on YouTube

There are many different ways to earn from YouTube, and this article will explain how you can make money from a variety of sources. Learn about Earnings, Subscriptions, Sponsored videos, Affiliate marketing, and more! Below is a list of some of the most popular ways to earn on YouTube. Read on to discover how you can start earning today! If you’re new to YouTube, check out these easy tips!


If you have a video on YouTube and want to make money with it, you can do so through Google ads. YouTube will pay you every month once your video has been approved and monetized. To get paid with Google ads, you must link your Google Adsense account to your YouTube channel. The more subscribers you have, the more money you’ll earn. To learn how to earn money with Google ads, watch Clever Girl Finance’s YouTube videos.

To calculate your revenue from YouTube, you should use an estimator. This tool will tell you how much money you will earn for each video in your channel. Depending on the category, country, and amount of views, you can get an estimate of how much you earn per video. You should note that YouTube video views can be highly irregular, so it’s important to track them regularly. If you want to be able to see the exact earnings for each video, you should consider using a third-party service.

If you’re not satisfied with your income from YouTube videos, consider hiring a video production team or hosting chats with your fans. These techniques are a great way to start earning money on YouTube, and you can even become the next YouTube sensation. However, don’t expect instant wealth with YouTube – earning money with video content is a long-term game. Once you’ve established an audience and subscriber base, earning from YouTube videos may be a tough challenge.

Another option to earn money from YouTube is to sell digital products. You can sell e-books, online courses, and other types of informational products on your channel. Make sure to give value to your audience to ensure you’ll keep their attention. When you sell digital products, you should provide them with a reason to buy them again, and if possible, recommend them to their friends. Another way to earn money with YouTube is to collaborate with brands and create content for them.

You can also earn money through advertisements. To become a part of the YouTube Partner Program, you need to have a certain number of views, and you’ll be paid between $2 and $5 per thousand views. For this, you should aim to have at least a thousand views in a month to qualify for the program. Then you can move on to affiliate marketing and earn from it. By promoting various products, you’ll earn money through affiliate marketing.


If you want to earn money on YouTube, you’ll need to have at least 1,000 subscribers in order to get a partner status. This is the first step towards earning ad revenue. Once you’ve reached that threshold, you can join the YouTube benefit ladder and get paid based on your channel’s views and play counts. You can also promote your videos through paid subscriptions, which increases your video’s play time and viewer engagement. Subscriptions are also essential for branding and video marketing.

While it is possible to subscribe on YouTube to get paid for your videos, it is not recommended. It might be too salesy, especially if you don’t have a large following. It’s better to ask your audience once they have shown they value what you have to offer. Make sure you provide value to your viewers and make them laugh! After all, they’re already on YouTube, and they’re already curious to watch more of what you have to offer.

One of the best ways to increase your subscriber count on YouTube is to create great content. People subscribe to your channels so they can receive updates every time new content is posted. If you have great content, you’ll be able to keep your subscribers on your list forever. Many people want to watch videos to learn something new, or simply entertain themselves. In fact, 54 percent of internet users want marketers to create more video content.

Another effective way to get subscribers on YouTube is to post highlights of interesting content. Highlight clips can be around a minute long and cover interesting points or topics. These videos are an excellent way to introduce yourself to your audience and build a media marketing campaign. Another option is to post videos related to hobbies, like cleaning your house, or a game you’re interested in. You can also earn money from your blog or other online activities.

Subscribing to YouTube doesn’t have to be expensive. You can subscribe to your favorite creators for a low monthly fee. You can even subscribe to your favorite creators, and get the most recent videos first! By doing this, you’ll be able to support their work, and gain affiliate commissions on their sales. However, you need to understand how the system works to make it profitable. Then you can make more money on YouTube.

The first step to creating sponsored videos on YouTube is to build a large following. The more people who subscribe to your channel, the more chances you have of being contacted by companies that need videos. To get the attention of the sponsors, prepare a pitch deck with your contact information and examples of your previous work, and follow up with them. Once you have a following, you can look for sponsorship deals with companies that will pay well for your content.

Sponsored videos on YouTube work much the same way as advertisements on television networks. Advertisers pay for the right to have their video appear above other videos in the search results. The videos contain a “add ad” button at the end, and the ads can be any type of product or service. YouTube allows ads to range anywhere from fifteen seconds to up to 12 minutes long. While YouTube is an increasingly popular platform for marketing, it is important to remember that a sponsored video is still an advertisement and should be treated with the same level of care and attention.

The majority of top sponsored videos are tightly focused on one or two people and show genuine reactions to products or whatever it is that the video is about. According to the study, top 25 Youtube influencers’ videos attract 3x more views than the average YouTube video and receive 12x the number of comments. Since the majority of millennials consider YouTube creators to be trend-setters, their videos tend to focus on attainable products that are actionable.

According to the results, the majority of successful sponsored video creators are gaming enthusiasts. For example, the company Acixs Hosting sponsored iJevin in more than 1600 unique gaming videos. Similarly, Feenix, the company that produces GFuel, was sponsored by Acixs Hosting for over 1500 unique videos. These sponsors also pay top-dollar for videos, but the success stories of these YouTubers are not necessarily the most compelling.

Affiliate marketing

If you’ve been thinking about launching an Affiliate marketing campaign, you may want to consider YouTube. This video-sharing platform is ranked number two in search engine results. There are billions of people on YouTube. It’s also a much level playing field compared to the web. With no SEO, age, or channel size, new channels can easily reach 1 million+ views within a year. You’ll have less competition on YouTube than on the web, which means you can focus on building a large following. And, as you know, subscribers will follow your content.

When creating an affiliate video, it’s important to have an engaging tone of voice and provide links to well-reviewed products. Keeping this tone of voice and integrity is important, as YouTube viewers appreciate consistency. Incorporate these elements with a clear growth strategy and you’ll be well on your way to a lucrative YouTube affiliate marketing campaign. There are a number of other benefits to YouTube. Here are just a few. So get started with YouTube and reap the rewards!

When creating an affiliate video, you can include affiliate links in the content, and track the purchases made by your viewers. The process of affiliate marketing on YouTube is similar to creating an Instagram post. The biggest advantage of YouTube is the sheer size of its audience and useful features, which makes it the perfect platform for the spread of affiliate links. You’re in control of the content, so be sure to create engaging content and incorporate affiliate links where appropriate.

When starting out, it’s helpful to incorporate affiliate links into your video. A YouTube Partner program allows you to include your links within the video, while end cards let you add links to external websites. YouTube is transparent, and if you use your links wisely, your audience will trust you and your videos. So, when creating your YouTube affiliate video, make sure to do it right. Remember: the more people see your video, the more money you’ll make.

How You Get Paid on YouTube

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