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How to Make a Short on YouTube

Once you’ve decided to create a video for YouTube, you can start by adding music, text, and filters to the video. After recording, you can adjust the sharing settings and add a title. If you want your short to appear in the Shorts category, use the #shorts hashtag when sharing it. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to upload your short video to YouTube!

Create a YouTube Short

If you’re wondering how to create a YouTube short, you’ve come to the right place. YouTube Shorts are an entirely different form of YouTube video and don’t require the same level of production as a regular video. To create a YouTube Short, you first need to create a video, which should be no longer than 60 seconds in length and with a square or vertical aspect ratio. Afterward, you can add your title and adjust the sharing settings and upload your video. You’ll also want to add the hashtag #Shorts to your video so that it is viewed with other Shorts videos.

Next, you’ll want to record your video. This is easy, as long as you hold the Record button down while recording. After you’ve finished recording, you’ll need to add a title, if you’d like, and finish uploading it to YouTube. Creating a YouTube short is incredibly easy, and you can create as many as you want. Using your smartphone’s camera or a high-quality video-editing program, you can easily create a professional-looking video in a matter of minutes.

YouTube Shorts have a maximum viewing time of one minute, but it’s not required to use the full duration. A good idea is to create a video that appeals to the intended audience. Make sure to choose a topic that relates to your viewers’ intent. A short video can be entertaining, inspiring, or educational – whichever you choose to make it! You can also use the same video to promote yourself and earn more views.

Another way to add a caption is to use YouTube’s text feature. This tool will help your viewers understand your jokes, memes, or educational value. The text feature is located near the plus icon on the YouTube app’s homepage. After you’ve finished filming, you can use the Text option to write in your short’s text. You can also choose when you want the text to appear in the video.

When you’ve completed your recording, you can start editing. Add a title and a caption to your video. Choose a target audience and choose visibility. Then, hit Upload and your video will be live on YouTube. It’s that simple! After all, it’s free, so why not try it? You might end up with a video that catches the eye of thousands of viewers. This way, you can promote your content while simultaneously gaining new followers.

As you can see, YouTube Shorts are a great way to reach a new audience. Unlike traditional marketing methods, YouTube shorts can be seen on the feed, so you need to create a click-worthy thumbnail that draws people’s attention. Remember to create a strong call-to-action on your YouTube channel. Encourage viewers to subscribe and leave a comment to let you know what they thought. You can also add highlights to your YouTube stories to attract more viewers.

Add music

If you want to put music on your YouTube Shorts, you can edit them with the built-in tool. If you haven’t used YouTube Shorts before, you can find examples of popular music in the Add Music section of the creator tool. You can also take inspiration from popular Shorts videos. You can also choose from a large catalog of music, which you can then add to your short video.

Creating videos using audio is a great way to reach millions of people who love music. Adding music to your Short will enhance the overall experience and help people understand the meaning behind jokes, memes, and educational content. The text feature is accessible near the plus icon on the YouTube app homepage and near the Add Music screen. You can browse through the vast library of tracks and “favorite” them for later use. When you’ve found a track you like, tap it and click “add to short” to add it to your Short.

Once you’ve added the audio to your video, you can adjust it to fit with your chosen style. You can also select a portion of a song to add to your video, or delete it entirely. You can also insert a short message and change the color of the text to customize the look of the video. However, you must remember that the music will not perfectly sync with the movements and actions in your video, but it can be easily changed.

If you don’t want to use the YouTube Audio Library, you can also use a track that is not available on the website. Short videos are vertical and have an aspect ratio of 9:16. This means that there will be no black bars on mobile devices, and YouTube will automatically change the format to fit the screen of the viewer. You can use royalty-free music from YouTube’s Audio Library. You just have to follow their guidelines on the attribution of these tracks.

YouTube Shorts creators can take advantage of trending topics to engage their fans. By offering original content that’s beyond just music, you can create an entire new trend, and attract new fans. You can also share music with your fans, which can help them discover and create new content. Once you have a successful video, you should consider putting your music on YouTube Shorts. Make sure that you create a video that focuses on the audience’s intent.

You can also use the YouTube app to upload your videos. You can record videos using the built-in camera, and edit them in the app. Once you’re done, click Done to preview the video, add a title, and upload it to YouTube. Your video will be available on YouTube within a few hours. If you’ve made it, you’ll find it in the Shorts section of the YouTube app.

Add a thumbnail

How to add a thumbnail to a video is an essential aspect of attracting viewers to your video. Although you may not think of thumbnails as SEO, they can boost your video’s search engine ranking. There are several tips to create an attractive thumbnail that will draw in viewers. First, make sure the title of your video is short and informative. If it is a tutorial video, make sure the title focuses on the main benefit.

Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, you can customize the thumbnail. You can use a custom image, frame from the video, or an uploaded photo. When choosing the image for your thumbnail, make sure it fits your short film. Choosing an inappropriate image will confuse viewers and drive subscribers away. To create an appealing thumbnail, use Snagit. If you use other image software, make sure to use a professional-quality image.

Keep in mind that YouTube thumbnails are small. They are even smaller on mobile devices. It’s important to remember that mobile viewers typically watch videos on their mobile devices. Adding too much text or too small a font size will make your thumbnail unreadable. You’ll end up wasting valuable thumbnail real estate. By minimizing the size and length of your title, you’ll attract more viewers.

To add a custom thumbnail to your YouTube Short, follow the same steps as with regular videos. Start by creating your Short and uploading it. Next, open YouTube Studio on your desktop computer. Go to the Content menu in YouTube Studio. Once there, click on the video you’ve uploaded. Select the thumbnail section to upload your custom image. Make sure to verify your YouTube account before uploading your custom thumbnail.

When uploading your video to YouTube, be sure to choose a quality thumbnail. A thumbnail serves as a preview of the video and can help viewers choose which parts of the video to watch. It’s important to choose a thumbnail that catches the viewer’s eye. YouTube automatically suggests three thumbnails to your video, so choose one that best suits the subject of your video. Then click “Publish” and you’re done!

Remember to change the aspect ratio of your YouTube video so that it will look good on different devices. A proper aspect ratio is crucial for a good thumbnail. When you have more than one thumbnail, you can increase your chances of getting a viewer. For example, if you use an aspect ratio of 1.6, you’ll want a video with a wide-screen aspect ratio. That way, users can easily see the entire video.

If you want to add a thumbnail to a video, it’s easy. First, go to, enter your title, and select a thumbnail to go along with your video. If you’ve already uploaded a short video, select the thumbnail that looks the best. Besides, you can also add music and filters to your video. After you’re done, click “Save” to upload your video.

How to Make a Short on YouTube

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