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How to Get People to Watch Your YouTube Videos

You might be asking, “How to get people to watch your YouTube videos?” It is important to understand that you don’t have to watch your entire video before you can start gaining followers. Aim to get at least 50% of your viewers to watch your videos. This is an important percentage, because the YouTube algorithm favors content with a high viewership percentage. Using Pattern Interrupts, small breaks in your videos, will encourage your viewers to re-engage with your content.

Pattern Interrupts

A key part of getting YouTube viewers to watch your videos is creating a reaction from the audience. If your video elicits comments, sharing, and clicking, you are on the right track. But how can you keep your audience engaged? One way is to add unexpected interruptions. This technique can be as simple as using musical notes, or as sophisticated as using a loud shout to surprise your audience.

When you want viewers to stay on your video, try using a pattern interrupt. The interruption will break the flow of your video and show a short clip from a different video. However, the clip must be relevant to your video’s topic. To keep your audience focused, add thought bubbles or speech bubbles to your video. You don’t have to go with clip art, though – you can also go for a more modern look that is in line with your branding.

Another way to use interruptions is to incorporate graphics in your video. According to Nikola Roza, an SEO expert, using graphics and patterns is a great way to keep your audience engaged. The goal is to break the flow of the video and force viewers to pay attention. A good example of a pattern interrupt is displaying Google SERPs that contain keyword X. This technique is very effective because it forces viewers to focus on your video.

Quality content

To increase the number of viewers of your YouTube videos, you must first create a compelling title for your video. This should be specific enough to attract YouTubers’ attention, and should also contain a bit of humor or fun. Also, make use of hashtags, which are popular on social media and can help people discover new YouTube channels. In addition to the title, write compelling tags and captions.

Besides the title, you should also include keywords in the description of your video. A descriptive title is important because it helps searchers find your content easily. The keywords should be prominently featured at the start of the title. In addition, the default channel description should also include links to social networks, video credits, and video specific time stamps. While it’s essential to use keywords, make sure not to use overly sensational or misleading titles. The YouTube search and discovery algorithm heavily relies on the description of your video to determine whether it’s relevant to searchers’ queries.

Another important tip for making a good YouTube video is to use custom images and screenshots. This will help the viewer get familiar with the video and encourage them to continue watching it. Also, enable video previews. This way, viewers can see how your video looks before they decide if they want to watch it or not. A quality video will increase your chances of success. You can also feature your most popular videos at the end of your video for more viewing.


How do you increase the relevance of YouTube videos? You can do this by using relevant keywords in your video titles. YouTube will count impressions when someone views your video for more than one second or is able to see 50% of the thumbnail. However, you can also try to include a broad term or keyword. For example, “how to cook spaghetti” could be followed by “making spaghetti” or “pasta”. The best way to make your video title more relevant is to keep it under five words.

YouTube will reward channels that can maintain a viewer’s attention for long. If your video’s audience doesn’t watch it for more than three minutes, it’s unlikely to get a lot of views. However, you can improve your retention rate by modifying your content. For example, if you’re trying to sell laptops, you’ll want to target viewers who are interested in this topic.

To get more people to watch your videos, you should also categorize your content. Create playlists based on related themes. This will help your video to appear in related playlists or at the end of videos that contain similar topics. This will make your video more relevant to the people searching for what you offer. Once your videos have enough video content, make sure your videos are optimized for search engines.

Color scheme

Colours are crucial when making social videos. Yellow is the go-to color for caution signs and school buses. However, you need to make your thumbnails stand out in an attractive way, too. Think about the way you want your video to be perceived. Do they appeal to you? Let us know in the comments! We’ll be happy to help you choose the right colors for your video! If you’re not sure what color schemes to choose, read our tips below!

Colour psychology is used in marketing to sell products and services. The Coca-Cola Company used bold red to promote its brand in the past. The same strategy can be applied to YouTube videos. The psychology behind colors is not the same for everyone, but it can strengthen your brand voice and clarity of purpose. Use colours that make your content stand out. It will be easier for viewers to watch your videos if they have a common interest.

Blue is another color to consider. This colour helps your content stick in the viewers’ minds. People associate blue with peace, reliability, comfort, and calmness. They will immediately recognize your video when they see it. This makes it an excellent choice for social media. If you want to increase your chances of getting viewers to watch your videos, choose a colour that is both striking and memorable. It will be easy for your viewers to remember and will make them want to watch it again.

Engaging with subscribers

One of the best ways to engage with subscribers on YouTube is by addressing them. Often, viewers will leave comments about your video and you should try to reply to them in the video itself. Engaging with viewers is one of the best ways to turn your audience into loyal subscribers. Here are some simple ways to engage with subscribers:

Keep an eye on your analytics. It’s important to monitor how many people are actually engaged with your videos. As your YouTube audience increases, you’ll begin to see a shift in demographics. Your audience will become more general in nature, and you’ll need to adapt your videos to better suit the new demographic. This is especially true if you’re monetizing your video content. By tracking these metrics, you can make adjustments to the content that works.

Another great way to engage with your audience is to create a regular video schedule. If you have a video on skateboarding, you can release it during the Halloween season and include it in the same calendar. This will help your audience to have expectations about what to expect from you. Additionally, you should choose a topic that matches your expertise. If you’re a skateboard expert, it would be unwise to post videos about trees.

Posting about your video on your blog

If you’re wondering how to get people to watch your YouTube videos, you’ve come to the right place. If your video is not being seen by a lot of people, posting about it on your blog will increase its visibility. It also gives you a chance to promote it to other channels, such as your blog, where your audience can see it. You can also post a link to your video on your blog. This way, your readers will know that you’re adding new content.

Before publishing a video on your blog, consider creating a card for it. The card should be square or transparent, and larger than 50×50 pixels. It should also feature a person or product looking into the camera without a distracting background. You can also use a card to tease people by displaying a small ‘i’ symbol. The card can be timed to only display if a user has engaged with the content.

Then, embed your YouTube video on your blog. This will increase its visibility and encourage your viewers to share it with their friends. In addition, you can also post a teaser announcing that you’ve made a new video on your blog. This will allow you to inform your followers when you upload a new video to YouTube. That way, your followers will be aware of the new content and can be notified.

Adding timestamps

If you want to attract more viewers, a great way to draw more attention to your videos is to add timestamps to your videos. YouTube provides an option for users to embed timestamps into comments and other parts of their videos. This feature is useful for referencing specific parts of your video, such as the beginning or end of the video. To do this, simply go to your video’s description, select the share option, and then click on the timestamp option. Once you’ve done this, copy the new URL and share it.

Adding timestamps to YouTube videos not only increases the chances of attracting viewers, but also boosts the search engine rankings of your videos. It helps viewers to skip parts of your video, which can increase your overall visibility and engagement with your content. Time stamps also help you avoid content that doesn’t fit the purpose of your video. Instead of wasting valuable space, users can skip to the relevant part of the video.

Adding timestamps is especially useful if your video has several parts. When you post a video on YouTube, the timestamps will help people navigate the timeline to find the part they want to watch. When the viewer opens the video, they can press Ctrl + click or right-click and copy the URL of the specific part they want to watch. It’s that simple.

How to Get People to Watch Your YouTube Videos

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