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digitalmatrix - How to Create YouTube Channel in Mobile and Earn Money

How to Create YouTube Channel in Mobile and Earn Money

If you have a mobile phone, you can use this guide to create a YouTube channel on your mobile device. You can even use the mobile version of YouTube to earn money. Creating a YouTube channel on mobile is simple and easy to do. You can even get a free workbook that will help you maximize the value of your video content. Just follow the steps outlined in the guide and you’ll be well on your way to making money from your mobile device.

While YouTube does not pay you to upload videos, you can still monetize your videos by joining their Partner Program. You can sell merchandise, and services, or even subscribe to paid memberships to earn extra money. Although YouTube is an excellent platform to promote your videos, you should be aware of the limitations of the AdSense program. The top earners in the program take more than 90 percent of the pie. Make sure you understand the Google AdSense tax policies before you start earning money from your mobile channel.

One way to monetize your YouTube channel is through paid sponsorships. Brands will pay you a fee to mention their product in your videos. Although this can be challenging, it is possible to make money with this method. As long as you can engage with companies and gain their trust, this method is a great way to start making money from YouTube. But make sure you don’t get suckered into a sponsored promotion.

How to Create YouTube Channel in Mobile and Earn Money

Creating a YouTube channel for mobile devices can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be.

  • By following a few simple steps, you can earn money and expand your channel without spending a fortune.
  • Before you start, make sure you follow YouTube community guidelines.
  • These include no spamming, banner ads, violent/dangerous content, misinformation, and regulated goods.
  • The best part of creating your own YouTube channel for mobile devices is that it can be done from anywhere!


Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, there are several ways to monetize your YouTube channel.

For example, you can offer your subscribers the chance to donate through Super Chats on live streams.

You can also charge your subscribers a monthly fee to become members and receive benefits such as customized badges, emojis, and access to member-only rewards.

Another popular way to monetize your YouTube channel is by creating short videos called YouTube Shorts.

These videos are usually 60 seconds long and have the potential to go viral.

However, it is not easy to get paid for making YouTube Shorts.

If you want to earn money from YouTube videos, you must first identify your target audience.

In this case, you should target a specific micro-niche.

Keep in mind that you should not change the main theme of your videos.

Another way to improve your search engine rankings is to invest in paid ads.

These ads can help your channel reach more people and help it get higher rankings in Google’s search results.

Another way to monetize YouTube videos is to become an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you receive a commission for promoting another brand’s product.

As long as you have transparency with your viewers, affiliate relationships will be fruitful.

So, how to create a YouTube channel on mobile and earn money?

Here are some ways to do that.

Let’s look at a few of them.

You can start with product placements and endorsements.

As a YouTube creator, you are likely motivated by making content for the world to enjoy.

That means you have a strong foundation for monetization, and you’ve figured out how to get your audience’s attention!

Now it’s just a matter of channeling your entrepreneurial drive and exploring ways to monetize your passion.

Your content and your community will be able to reach a larger audience and earn more money.

Super Stickers

If you have a mobile device, then you can use this method to earn money on YouTube.

Super Stickers are animated images that viewers can buy from you during live streams.

Similar to Twitch Bits emotes and cheer motes, these stickers allow viewers to purchase special images from you.

The stickers are available in several categories, and you can even choose which language you want your stickers to be in.

Super Stickers can cost between 99 and 50 dollars, and you can sell them to fans on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also monetize your videos by selling them on Super Stickers.

All you need to do is create a video, upload it to YouTube, and wait for the money to roll in.

Once your videos start earning you money, you can sell them on Super Stickers or sell them individually.

You can sell your stickers in the YouTube marketplace for as little as $5, and this is the easiest way to sell them.

YouTube creators can generate $70,000 in total sales from Super Chats and $400 a minute from Super Stickers.

These are animated images and paid comments that allow viewers to show their support for your live streams.

In addition, Super Stickers also include a feature called Super Thanks that allows viewers to send you up to $50 to say “thanks” for the content they’ve watched.

Because Super Stickers are built into the channel and are visible on the same screen as the live stream, viewers will find them easy to access.


In addition to making videos, you can also earn money by reselling merchandise or offering subscriptions to your subscribers.

This method of crowdfunding is similar to crowdfunding, except that there is no special website or project required.

All you need is to convince your fans to use the crowdfunding features of YouTube.

After all, who doesn’t want to make some extra cash?

By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to a lucrative career.

To start monetizing your YouTube channel, you’ll need to create multiple income streams and make it easy to accept credit cards.

YouTube has recently replaced its Fan Funding feature with a new feature called Super Chat.

This allows viewers to donate money through comments to your channel.

When people contribute, their comments are highlighted and are visible for a set period, depending on how much you’re charging.

Subscription-based crowdfunding sites, on the other hand, are a more profitable model.

You can use subscription-based crowdfunding to fund recurring projects or milestones, like creating a YouTube channel for baking.

The best part is that you’ll have access to exclusive content for your subscribers.

This makes the process even more lucrative! Using these websites can also help you fund your dreams and goals.

When it comes to creating a YouTube channel, it’s important to keep its quality.

If you’re producing videos for your audience, they’re more likely to pay attention to you and buy your products.

The more content you produce, the more potential there is for income growth.

However, this can be difficult to do on a limited budget, so you should consider a crowdfunding option.


How to create a YouTube channel on mobile and earn on Patreon?

If you’re a YouTube creator, you’ve probably already heard about Patreon.

This crowdfunding platform is a way for you to monetize your content in a variety of ways.

You can promote your video content on other websites and social media platforms, sell merchandise, or use patronage as a form of income.

To get started, sign up for Patreon.

You’ll need an account, a cover photo, and a profile.

You can also tell people what your channel is all about and set up tiers for monthly donations.

Once you’ve set up your page, create some content and let your followers know about it.

Ensure that your subscribers will be interested in what you have to offer.

Make sure to have a list of your fans’ email addresses.

You can use email marketing tools like Constant Contact to drive traffic to your Patreon page.

Make sure to make your subscribers feel like they’re missing out – post extra content and photos of merchandise to create a sense of “fear of missing out”.

Set up a Patron Tier.

  • Create a Patron Tier and offer incentives to your fans for becoming a patron.
  • These rewards will give your supporters the incentive to continue supporting your work.
  • You can even add your merch items to your channel to make it more appealing.
  • Patreon has a tier system that allows you to create different levels of rewards for your fans.
  • Just remember to make sure that the rewards your patrons receive are worth it.


One of the most popular ways to monetize your YouTube channel is by selling merchandise.

However, it’s important to note that this monetization strategy has its disadvantages.

You should be at least 18 years old to sell merchandise on YouTube.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that merch sales work best on channels with a large fan base, but they can also work for smaller communities.

The first step in creating merch is to select your products.

It’s best to choose items that represent your brand and feed your audience’s connection.

For instance, if you’re a Hawaiian YouTuber, you can use your popularity to sell milk-based energy drinks.

The milk-based drinks have their website, and you can leverage that popularity to sell your merch.

Another way to make money with merchandise is to partner with a merchandising network.

However, this approach limits you from competing against other YouTubers and offers less control over the products, discounts, and content.

In addition, you’ll have to pay a commission on each sale, but you’ll be making more than you could if you were just selling videos.

Using a dropshipping service like Shopify, you can turn your views into profits.

Another way to monetize YouTube is to sign up with affiliate programs or companies in your niche.

Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is recommend products to your audience.

The affiliate company will pay you a percentage of the sale if they can make a purchase.

In addition to selling products, you can also sell your live streaming audience merchandise.

The more fans you have, the more money you can make.

What Are Some Good Ideas For Videos on YouTube?

There are many different ideas for videos on YouTube, but there are some common themes that can work for all types of content.

  • Popular topics include Tech reviews, Behind-the-scenes footage, List videos, and Movie quotes.
  • Once you’ve thought of a topic for your next video, brainstorm a few ideas and get started!
  • Listed below are some ideas to help you get started.

Behind-The-Scenes Footage

If you’ve never thought about including behind-the-scenes footage in your YouTube videos, you should try it.

  • This is an excellent way to add an authentic element to your video and generate conversation.
  • Whether your topic is a hot-button issue or something as silly as how to pronounce a GIF, behind-the-scenes footage is a great way to attract a larger audience.
  • You can also create a video showcasing your team or process.
  • This type of content is particularly effective when it shows how your product or service is created.
  • Many consumers don’t know the process behind a product and only see the result.
  • Although it might seem like it’s tedious and time-consuming, capturing the daily conversations and processes can help you identify trends and patterns.
  • While behind-the-scenes footage isn’t always necessary, it can enhance your video’s success.
  • Aside from showing behind-the-scenes footage, it’s also a good idea to include videos of what people’s phones and other gadgets are used for.
  • The latter type of video is often more interesting and will help viewers get a better understanding of the person behind the scenes.

Tech reviews

One of the most popular methods of increasing your online visibility is creating your own YouTube tech reviews.

  • You’ll need to use your technology to film the reviews and use images and press release information to help viewers visualize your product.
  • You can also use your voice to attract viewers and build a following by talking about the product.
  • It’s important to mention that you can also earn traffic to the manufacturer’s website by promoting your video on your channel.
  • If you’re considering creating a YouTube channel dedicated to tech reviews, you must first decide how much personal capital you’re willing to invest.
  • Since tech reviews are paid content, you need to disclose that fact.
  • YouTube has strict rules about the disclosure of promotional content.
  • It’s also important to be consistent and reliable, as this allows you to receive regular feedback from your audience and learn more about YouTube’s algorithm.
  • While managing a tech review channel can be challenging, a consistent release schedule can lead to a loyal following and rapid growth.

List videos

If you want your list video to go viral, you must start by considering what kind of content would be popular on YouTube.

  • Most videos are made in a top-down fashion, with one thing at the top, followed by another.
  • Some people are particularly interested in product reviews, while others just want to share some interesting facts.
  • Whatever your audience is looking for, there’s a good chance they’ll find a list video interesting and entertaining.
  • To get the most out of your playlist, start by creating an account on YouTube.
  • After you’ve created a free account, you can create a list of videos that you’ve liked.
  • To create a playlist, click the “Save to” button on a video, and you’ll be able to add videos one at a time.
  • You can also save videos in a playlist for later viewing.
  • Make sure to choose keywords that will help people find the videos you’ve created.

Repurposing old clothes

Repurposing old clothes is a great way to recycle, save money and even create home decor.

  • Using the materials of your old clothes is also beneficial for the environment.
  • A t-shirt takes up to 20,000 liters of water to produce, and 80 billion pieces of clothing are discarded each year.
  • In addition to saving money, you can jazz up tired clothing by adding embellishments.
  • You can find DIY tutorials online that will show you how to repurpose old clothes.


There’s no better way to test your YouTube knowledge than with a quiz!

  • YouTube has become one of the most popular internet destinations, allowing people to share ideas, connect, and explore various trends.
  • This quiz will test your knowledge of popular YouTube videos!
  • If you can answer all of the questions correctly, you’ll be the star of your next YouTube party!

But first, let’s get some YouTube trivia:

  • YouTube trivia videos consist of three or four questions presented in a slide show format.
  • The viewer has a few seconds to choose one of three options before the answer is revealed.
  • The entire video takes about six minutes to watch, and questions can be based on anything from Men in Black to Euchre.
  • Even animals are featured in some trivia videos, so you’ll be able to test your knowledge about them, too!
  • These videos have exploded in popularity, and the number of available topics is continually growing.

Animated Tutorials

There are several different types of YouTube videos that you can make.

  • The most popular types are cooking tutorials, product usage videos, and more.
  • The content you can cover can be as simple as cooking an easy meal or as complex as a complex coding problem.
  • YouTube videos are a great way to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Exercise videos are another popular type of YouTube video.
  • Popular topics include yoga, circuit training, stretching, and form exercises.
  • A video about a DIY project can be animated to help people follow a specific step.
  • YouTubers who create how-to videos are likely to have a high number of subscribers.
  • Animated tutorials are especially popular among beauty and tech YouTubers.
  • They can teach almost anything.
  • Animated tutorials can explain a process or a method.
  • They can also help viewers with their projects.

Animated Gifs

Animated gifs are a great way to spice up a video promotion.

  • Unlike static images, animated gifs move, just like a video does.
  • And human brains are hardwired to notice movement in stillness.
  • When used in a video, animated gifs will grab the viewer’s attention and give you the chance to introduce your ideas without words.
  • To create animated gifs from YouTube videos, you need to use an online service that allows you to upload images and set the exact start and end times of your video.
  • Many services allow you to upload multiple photos and choose different speeds for the animation.
  • You can also choose a background color and adjust the speed of the animation.
  • All services support JPG and PNG images.

To create an animated GIF from your YouTube video, follow the instructions below.

  • To create animated gifs from images, you need a software called Toonator.
  • This software will allow you to draw animations and add frames, save and embed them into your video.
  • Another free online service called imgflip allows you to upload images and control the speed of the animation.
  • When finished, the animation will be watermarked with the imgflip watermark.
  • In the meantime, you can start uploading your YouTube videos and enjoying the added benefits of animated gifs.

How to Go Viral on YouTube

You’ve probably wondered how to go viral on YouTube.

After all, the best way to become an instant superstar on a popular video site is to create a great video.

You’ll need to learn the secrets of the internet algorithms and create content that is worthy of going viral.

A clickbait title won’t get you as many views as an entertaining video with interesting content.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Create a Script

Despite the numerous ways to go viral on YouTube, the main secret is writing a great script.

A good script can help you plan your video marketing strategy, address your target audience, and stand out from the crowd.

People love valuable content, and delivering that will allow you to build a strong relationship with your audience.

So how do you write a great script?

When writing a script, remember that people don’t read scripts – they listen to them.

Therefore, read your script out loud so that it sounds natural.

Don’t be afraid to make changes if needed.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback this will give you valuable feedback and help you craft a compelling narrative that will capture attention.

Scripts can take years to go viral, but it’s worth it in the end.

When creating a script, consider the length of the video.

You might have fifteen seconds to write your script, and the rest of the video may be three minutes long.

If you’re aiming for a longer video, plan for between 125 and 150 words per minute.

Once you’ve written a script, check your word count to make sure you don’t exceed the set length.

You might have to cut some dialogue to fit the time limit.

Afterward, you can cut or remove the rest of the dialogue, and keep only what is necessary.

Find Your Target Audience

If you’re looking to go viral on YouTube, you need to find your target audience.

  • You can use YouTube analytics to learn what type of content your audience likes.
  • You can see their age, gender, and device type.
  • You can also see what countries they live in and what time of day they tend to watch videos online.
  • You can then post content based on those details.
  • You can also use videos to spread awareness about your brand or service.

First, you’ll need to know your target audience.

  • This will help you target the right audience and get them to share your content.
  • While “everyone” is a popular target audience, it’s too broad.
  • You want to find a targeted audience that’s interested in your product or service.
  • Using YouTube analytics and insight tools will help you find your target audience and reach them.
  • Once you’ve determined who your target audience is, you can create content that reflects their needs and wants.

If you’re looking to go viral on YouTube, the first step is to find your niche.

  • Having a broad audience can result in bland videos that get little or no attention.
  • Instead, narrow down your target audience to a specific segment of your market.
  • You can also buy YouTube subscribers.
  • You can do this by visiting external sites that sell these services.
  • If your video is unique and interesting, it’ll stand out and potentially generate millions of views.

Create a Short Video

There are many reasons why you might want to create a short video to go viral on YouTube.

For starters, this type of content is more likely to be shared by other users than your own.

While this is not an easy task, it is also a good way to gain attention.

The internet is filled with millions of videos posted every day, and a short video will grab the attention of viewers.

Here are some tips to make your video go viral on YouTube.

Choose a topic that is relevant to your niche.

  • Try to stay up to date with trending topics and choose topics that align with your niche.
  • This will help you ride the trending wave and increase brand awareness.
  • Make sure to keep an eye on the engagement rate so you can tailor your content accordingly.
  • Remember, that not every video will go viral – it may take time before you start seeing any results.

Use short content descriptions to catch the eye of viewers.

  • Try to keep the content to the point, and make sure to use images or short captions.
  • If you want your video to go viral, make sure to tag it in a popular YouTube search.

Use video editing software to spruce it up.

  • By applying professional video editing techniques, your video will be more engaging and more likely to be shared.
  • Whether you’re using a professional camera or not, many programs can help you do this.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro is one such program.

Post Your Video to YouTube

The first step in making your video go viral is to make sure it’s a high-quality, original video.

  • Whether you want to go viral on YouTube or get more views on your blog, you need to make sure the content is well-crafted.
  • A video can go viral if its content is catchy and the audience is likely to share it.
  • Besides, people are usually more likely to share something they’ve never seen before.

Secondly, you need to find a niche in which you can market your brand.

  • If you’re selling feminine products, create content that empowers women.
  • Try not to be too controversial. In some cases, brands that sell similar products to yours may share your video with their audience.
  • Alternatively, you could even pay a popular YouTuber to promote your video.
  • Make sure to stay active on social media.
  • Monitor engagement, interact with your audience and media outlets, and share your video wherever you can.

Lastly, don’t forget to include the primary keywords in your description.

  • Include your business social media handles in the description of your video.
  • This is vital, as search engines scan your video for keywords related to your business.
  • If you use too many keywords, YouTube may not be able to determine your video’s topic.
  • However, if you use a simple request, viewers may be more likely to respond positively to your video.

Optimize Your Video for Search Engine Rankings

To get your video noticed by more viewers, you must optimize it for search engine rankings.

  • Optimizing your video is a very important aspect of video marketing and should be done before it is uploaded to YouTube.
  • You should measure the current performance of your video so that you can make the necessary changes to improve its search engine ranking.
  • Once your video has achieved the desired ranking, it will become viral.
  • YouTube’s algorithms are notoriously tough.
  • If you upload a video that does not have any traction, you will soon see your rankings drop.

Your video title plays a crucial role in determining its ranking.

  • Make sure your title is catchy and enticing.
  • A good title will convince viewers to click on the link to your video and watch it.
  • However, be careful not to overuse tags because they may violate YouTube’s spam policy.
  • Make your video title as compelling as possible so that viewers will click it and subscribe to your channel.

You need to create a compelling video with the right metadata to improve your search engine rankings.

  • Using an email gate can help you collect visitor information.
  • This type of content will help you generate leads and increase brand awareness.
  • You can also optimize your video to improve its search engine rankings and increase traffic.
  • You should consider adding several fields to your form but make sure not to collect too much information.
  • By optimizing your video for search engine rankings, you will be able to get more views and click-through rates for your video.

Create a Time-Sensitive Video

The timing of the video is just as important as the content.

  • While most people use social media during the weekdays, people who enjoy the content are more likely to share it with others.
  • It’s also a good idea to create your video around a certain event or occasion, such as May 4th, the day that Star Wars was released.
  • This way, the audience will get the best of both worlds.
  • The first step to creating a time-sensitive video for YouTube is identifying the trending topics related to your business and niche.
  • By following these three steps, you can create a video with high viral potential.
  • The second step is to utilize the power of search engine optimization (SEO), which continues to rise in popularity.
  • Using the power of big data, you can promote your videos through search engine optimization.

The next step is to make your video as creative and quality as possible.

  • Using tags and titles will help your video gain visibility.
  • The video will be easily discovered and shared by people looking for that topic.
  • Ultimately, your video will go viral if you create it correctly and follow these steps.
  • And remember the more people that see your video, the more likely it will be recommended to others.
  • You can even earn money by making recommendations for your videos.
  • The key to making a video viral is to use the right strategy and the best way to find out is to watch what others are doing.

How to Create YouTube Channel in Mobile and Earn Money

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