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How Do Digital Artists Make Money?

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, you may wonder how to monetize your artistic creations. In this article, you’ll discover four different ways you can earn money through your art. These methods include selling on sites like Etsy, Creative Market, and Freelance. Each method offers different benefits. Learn about each one and decide which one is best for you. Here are some of the best ones!


The internet has made it possible for digital artists to start earning cash for their work. They can post their works on online marketplaces and approach agencies. Before making money online, you should spend some time to build up a portfolio and find your art-style. Become active on social networks such as Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Deviant Art. Share your work on these sites and trace your work back to your community. Then, you can approach clients who want your art and charge a lot for it.

If you’re a talented artist, diversify your income streams. While it can be tempting to work on the same projects for free, it’s a much better idea to diversify. Diversify your income streams by working on projects for clients and pro bono projects. These projects help you build a portfolio, and can lead to future work and even word-of-mouth referrals from current clients. Make sure you’re ready to dedicate some time to your work, and it will all pay off.

One of the best ways to find clients is to join freelance websites. These websites provide ample exposure to artists and buyers. You can use these websites to find lucrative job deals. If you can’t get into any local workshops, you can also use freelance websites to learn from others. There are many websites that will train you online. This is the best option for those who don’t want to spend money on online classes. But be aware that these websites also have fees.

While working online for free is rewarding and low-stress, it can also be stressful. For instance, you need a computer and some software that will help you create your artwork. Many artists use a graphics tablet with a stylus, which can be plugged into a desktop computer. In order to make money from digital art, you’ll need to learn how to use the tools available. The graphics tablet can be purchased on a site such as Zazzle or Society6.


While it’s certainly possible to make a profit with print-on-demand, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before jumping in. Profit margins for print-on-demand products can be low, and while the artist may pay a small fee to produce a print, they are unlikely to make much more than a few dollars on each purchase. Fortunately, print-on-demand companies are still trying to make money, and in the process, they capture the details of the buyer and use it to market to them again.

To start, you’ll need to find a niche. For example, if you create a painting and sell it on Etsy, you might find that people are interested in that style. You should also think about price ranges for your target audience and how to best package and ship your work. If you choose to sell your art on a website, consider adding a print-on-demand component to it.

Once you’ve got your images ready, you’ll need to create your store and link it to your Printful account. Most ecommerce platforms have a paid plan that costs from $15 to $250 per month, with money going to the servers and customer support. There are also free plans, but they usually have limitations and lack marketing and analytics tools. For artists who are just starting out, this is a great opportunity.

A print-on-demand website will take care of the rest. Once you submit your designs, you’ll receive payment and the finished product. This service can be very beneficial for artists who want to sell their artwork on a regular basis. One of the benefits of the service is that you can sell any item, including digital art. Moreover, print-on-demand websites take care of marketing, production, and delivery.


How do digital artists make money on Etsy? The answer lies in a combination of selling their artwork and having the patience to wait for it to sell. The selling process on Etsy is simple, but it is crucial to make your product stand out and gain more exposure. The good news is that you can sell your art in a wide variety of styles. Listed below are a few tips for selling on Etsy.

– Create high-quality digital art. Many buyers will pay a higher price for a print when it comes in a larger size. Printing your art on paper can give you a lucrative side business if you know how to market your work. Make sure to use SEO search terms to make your artwork more visible to visitors. Often, shoppers enter relevant keywords into a search bar on Etsy to find an item they’re interested in.

– Use good photos for your products. You can upload up to 10 photos of each product. Choose a clear picture of the full design. If your product is printable, you may also need to upload additional images. Photograph the completed product, especially if it’s a print on an item. If you’re selling an art print, you’ll need to photograph it on a ‘fulfilled’ item to showcase the quality of your print.

– Create beautiful art. Digital artists can create beautiful prints for a very reasonable price. You can also sell printed art on Etsy. Digital prints on Etsy cost $10-15, and physical prints can cost $60-100. You should research similar works before making your products, so that your buyers will find them unique and beautiful. It’s a win-win situation for the artist and the customers. If you’re serious about making money on Etsy, you’ll have to invest some time in making your products stand out and be more visible to buyers.

Creative Market

If you are an independent designer and want to sell your artwork online, the Creative Market is the place for you. It’s an online marketplace where you can sell your own designs, and the potential market for your work is over 5 million people. Unlike other digital marketplaces, you don’t need to sign up for exclusivity; you can set your own price and keep 70% of all sales, instead of a fixed percentage. If you have a large portfolio and want to sell your work online, you can use Creative Market as a resource for your products.

The website is very easy to navigate and offers easy searching tools for customers. It also features a blog that covers design topics and a forum where you can interact with other artists and designers. Anyone can join the marketplace, including those who are not yet selling their work, but have a passion for art and design. To sign up, you can create an account, upload your work, and request an invitation to sell your products. The cost is only 40% of the sale price, so it is definitely worth it.

If you are interested in selling your own products, you should consider setting up an account on Creative Market. The platform will give you a link to your shop and a license to use your digital products. To make purchases on the site, you can use PayPal or credit cards. Alternatively, you can also use a Creative Market credit, which is similar to a gift card, and you can use this credit to download several items at once. This way, you can minimize the amount of money that you spend on processing your payments.


You can support your favorite digital artist by making a donation online. Rhizome, a nonprofit affiliated with the New Museum, has been the beneficiary of a generous gift by Rafael Rozendaal, a Dutch-Brazillian internet artist. He gave half of his profits from selling 1,000 NFTs to Rhizome, valued at $430,000, half of the annual operating budget of the nonprofit. If you’re curious about the value of digital assets, there are plenty of charities that accept donations.

Music-oriented nonprofits also benefit from your support. In fact, Spotify is matching donations made on its COVID-19 campaign, dollar for dollar, up to $10 million. Plus1, a nonprofit that partners with artists to donate a portion of their concert ticket proceeds, is currently raising a fund for COVID-19 disaster relief in partnership with a growing list of organizations including MusiCares, Sweet Relief, and World Central Kitchen. Trans Lifeline is also participating in this cause.

How Do Digital Artists Make Money?

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