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Content Management Tools Social Media

Content Management Tools (CMTs) are programs that help you plan, schedule, and manage the content on your social media channels. These programs allow you to share your plans with team members and clients and can be customized for each client, with unique social profiles and team members. Content calendars also enable collaboration and feedback.

Content Management Tools Social Media

If you’re a newbie in the social media realm, there are a variety of tools to help you manage your content. Buffer, Later, and Sendible are all good options, but there are some features that you may find more useful. To help you choose the right content management tool for your needs, we’ve listed a few of our favorites. Sprout Social, Sendible, and Hootsuite are the most popular, but if you want something a bit more simple, consider Buffer, Sprout Social, or Sendible.


A social media manager can do a lot of things with Sendible. The app lets you easily schedule, queue, and send posts for moderation. In addition, you can compose a bulk post and publish it to several accounts. In Sendible, you simply select the profiles you want to post to and click the attachment icon to add visuals. You can attach files directly from your device or the cloud. You can also use Canva to create an engaging visual, then pull it into the compose box.


If you are looking for a way to schedule your social media posts without having to spend all day each day, Buffer has the solution for you. It offers several subscription plans, including a free plan and paid plans that offer additional features. Buffer Publish allows you to schedule social media posts up to 14 days in advance. You can even plan your first comment on Instagram with the help of the calendar. Unlike some social media management tools, Buffer offers an unlimited free trial.


  • If you’re looking for a social media marketing tool that can handle all of your accounts, Buffer is a solid choice.
  • It allows you to schedule posts across social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Buffer’s Pro plan costs $15 per month, or $12 if you pay annually.
  • The Pro plan comes with a calendar view so you can plan out when to post.
  • For example, you can schedule a post for your first comment on Instagram a month in advance.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an integrated social media content management tool that enables businesses to schedule, manage and publish content across multiple networks. Its slick Compose box makes it easy for business owners to write and share engaging content with their audience. The tool’s features include automated scheduling, draft creation, and content editing. The app also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android and powerful publishing tools.


If you manage a team of people, you may be looking for a social media scheduling tool. While Buffer and Google Calendar are helpful tools, they can sometimes make it difficult to see the big picture. To avoid that, CoSchedule Content Management Tools offers a one-stop solution for social media scheduling. You can use the scheduling tool for solo users or teams to create a content schedule that suits your team.

Meet Edgar

If you’re using the latest technology to manage your social media accounts, you’ve probably heard of Meet Edgar. This content management tool helps you schedule your posts on social media sites, creating a library of evergreen updates to share at any time. Its category feature lets you organize your content in multiple categories, specifying where to publish each update and even re-share older posts. Whether you’re promoting your business, promoting a new product, or creating a fun social media account, Edgar can help you keep your pages active.


  • This tool is a great example of a CMT for social media.
  • It allows you to manage multiple profiles at the same time, schedule posts ahead of time, and cross-post content from other profiles.
  • The platform also allows you to collaborate internally, manage roles, and delegate content to team members.


Sprout is a great social media content management tool, especially for busy agencies that need to post frequently to various social media accounts. It provides a comprehensive view of social media data, including a customizable report builder and a social media content audit tool. Its help center contains videos, articles, webinars, and how-to guides. You can even send feedback to the product’s support team after you’ve completed a training course.

Sprout also can publish content for all your social media accounts. Instead of having to log in and out of each account, you can prepare content ideas ahead of time. Sprout also provides a central hub that displays all your scheduled posts for the day. This feature is especially helpful for freelancers and small businesses, and it’s good for freelancers. The service also supports several social media accounts, and you can customize plans for as many people as you need.


If you’re looking for a tool that helps you manage your social media channels, look no further than Hootsuite. Its dashboard lets you monitor conversations and mentions of your brand, as well as monitor incoming direct messages. It also allows you to schedule posts, track analytics, and see how your message is doing. You can even create a custom social stream for your company and customize it to track a specific topic or keyword.

What is Social Media Content Management?

So what is social media content management? What are the different services and tools available for it? This article looks at some of them. The three most popular are Sprout Social, Crowdfire, and ViralPost. But which one should you choose? Read on to discover what they can do for you. And remember, social media content isn’t just about posting on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Creating an online community that engages your followers is a key component of social media content management.

Sprout Social

If you need social media content management, you may want to check out Sprout Social. This software helps you manage all of your social media accounts from one central hub. It can queue up your posts for publishing and offers a variety of scheduling options. You can schedule specific posts for specific days or times of the day. Sprout Social can even tell you when to post on different social media sites so that you can reach the most active audiences during those times.

Sprout Social’s comprehensive features help you manage all of your social media profiles. You can plan your content across all social media platforms and see how it’s performing. You can also keep track of engagement and learn about trends in social media data. Sprout Social has won awards for user adoption, usability, and ROI. It also helps you streamline your internal workflow. Sprout Social is a great option for any business looking to manage their social media accounts.

Sprout Social’s ViralPost

  • Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management suite, offering tools for social media monitoring, engagement, collaboration, and smart inbox.
  • It also boasts a user community that includes Nike, McDonald’s, and more.
  • Its ViralPost social media content management feature analyzes audience engagement patterns to find the best time to post new content.
  • Sprout Social also features a discovery tab, where users can find new followers and review Twitter conversations.
  • Sprout Social’s Smart Search feature allows you to conduct keyword searches across Facebook, including image and video thumbnails.
  • The patented ViralPost(r) technology enables you to find the best time to publish your content to boost its chances of going viral.
  • ViralPost’s patented algorithm learns when your audience is active and not.
  • It also provides recommendations based on this information.
  • If you have a large audience, Sprout recommends posting at times when it believes your audience will be most engaged.


Among its many features, Crowdfire is particularly useful for attracting followers. With its low pricing tier, it is perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs with a low budget. The software enables you to manage multiple social media accounts at the same time, and it includes features that help you post video content. Unlike competing tools, Crowdfire helps you manage every aspect of your social media presence, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

You can schedule your posts by choosing specific dates and times, and Crowdfire will automatically generate a list of articles that are relevant to your topic. You can also choose to publish posts on certain days, such as a holiday. You can also choose to automatically share and schedule posts based on other people’s recommendations, as well as customize their publishing times. The best part is, that Crowdfire also allows you to preview your posts before publishing them.


  • If you’re in the market for a social media tool that can help you promote your business, consider Crowdfire.
  • You can use this free version to test out the core features of the tool.
  • However, to take full advantage of all the tools that Crowdfire offers, you’ll have to subscribe to a paid plan.
  • The paid plans are relatively inexpensive and include an additional 14-day free trial.


eClincher has revolutionized the process of social media marketing, giving marketers a complete solution for managing their online presence. The platform offers all the tools needed for a successful social media campaign, from influencer discovery to social media analytics. The app makes social media management easier than ever before and helps users keep up with the latest trends in their industry. With its powerful social media management tools, eClincher is the ideal tool for growing your customer base.


Canva is a drag-and-drop visual editor. You can upload your images and other brand elements, and move them into the editor. You can collaborate with others using the tool’s collaboration features, such as email and instant messaging. Once you’ve completed a design, you can send it back to your collaborator. You can also resize images for social media sites with one click. If you don’t want to use the built-in tools, you can use the one-click option.

What is the Best Way to Manage Social Media?

Social media management is becoming increasingly complex. It is not enough to be a fan of one of the major platforms like Twitter and Facebook. To remain on top of all of your social media efforts, you need to have a system that will help you manage them well. This article will cover several tools that will help you keep on top of everything. These tools include Later, PromoRepublic, and Agorapulse.


There are several reasons why you should use Postpickr to promote your business. For one, it can help you schedule your posts on multiple social media networks. It also has a scheduling feature that lets you publish content on all the accounts you manage at once. You can schedule posts according to topics or types. It will even import your content for you, so all you have to do is schedule your posts!


Social Media tools help you track your online presence and understand what content is engaging your audience. Oktopost is one such tool that helps you monitor your social presence, including LinkedIn groups and company pages. You can also set up alerts to keep you informed of new content. Oktopost focuses on establishing and managing valuable content and enables you to track conversions and determine which channels are best for achieving your goals.


If you’re not sure whether VistaCreate is for you, check out its free plan, which is designed for beginners. This plan provides you with access to over 30,000 design templates, half a million stock images, and HD animations/clips. However, the free plan only allows you to create five designs per month, so you might want to upgrade for unlimited downloads. In addition, you’ll get quick customer support and the ability to collaborate with up to 10 team members.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive social media listening tool to interact with prospective customers, consider Mention. This tool seamlessly integrates with social media and allows you to monitor product, brand, and competitor mentions. Mention’s extensive search functionality helps you find relevant posts and create insightful reports. Its filters and compare features help you find the most productive days to engage with your audience. And since Mention also provides email addresses, you’ll be able to track how your business compares to the competition.


One of the most important parts of your social media strategy is to schedule and publish content. This may require you to update social profiles on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Agorapulse makes this process easy with its centralized platform. Rather than manually posting to each channel, you can bulk-publish your content using RSS or CSV. Additionally, you can import a folder containing images.


There are several ways to use Later to organize your social media content. After you have set up an account with Later, you can choose to pay monthly, yearly, or use their free plan. Later allows you to add your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, but only Instagram and Pinterest are currently supported. If you’re a fan of these social networks, later is the best way to manage them. It has a Media Library where you can store your graphic images. You can add media notes to them so you can identify what you’ve used and what you’ve not.

  • The free plan lets you manage up to 3 social profiles.
  • It also offers a free package that gives you 30 social posts each month.
  • It is highly recommended to start with the Starter plan if you’re developing your first social strategy.
  • The Growth plan allows you to increase engagement, and the Advanced plan costs $40 per month for six users.
  • For your social media marketing strategy, it’s wise to invest in one of the top-notch CMTs on the market.


For busy business owners, the best option is to use a CoSchedule alternative. Not only will this software save time, but it will also help you execute your social media marketing campaigns. A CoSchedule alternative is Social Champ, a pocket-friendly tool with an intuitive interface. It’s ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and is incredibly easy to use.


Compared to SEO, social media marketing requires more precision. For example, publishing your latest blog post at 8 AM versus 9 AM may mean a huge difference in your audience’s ability to see it. But there’s a solution to this problem: PromoRepublic. This social media management tool offers a single dashboard for all your content, including an AI-powered scheduling tool and graphics editor. The system also works with Google Analytics to ensure your posts are getting the most exposure.


Loomly is an all-in-one platform that combines scheduling, analytics, and social media management in one. The software streamlines the process of publishing content on social media. Users can customize the content and timing of their posts for each channel. Using Loomly, they can also target a custom audience for Facebook’s Newsfeed. Aside from Facebook, Loomly also supports LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profiles, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat.


If you are looking for a way to manage your social media presence, Brandwatch is the right choice for you. It will help you track brand mentions, compare them to your competitors, and identify influencers. The dashboard will show you how your brand is performing daily. And, if you have a website, Brandwatch will show you how many visitors your site has compared to your competitors. With Brandwatch, you will see if the content you post is engaging customers and if it’s reaching its goals.

Content Management Tools Social Media

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